Bicycle Safety

Stay safe on the road to maximize your fun

While some people like how direct main roads are, others prefer side streets because they are quieter, away from car traffic, and often marked as a bike route. Some enjoy traveling off the beaten path and exploring trails tucked in nature. Wherever you choose to ride, following some general safety guidelines will keep you enjoying your bike for years to come!


Washington State Bicycle Laws

Before you venture out, brush up on safe bicycling practices to have the best experience possible. Learn about bicyclist-related laws, safety tips and the rights and responsibilities you have as a bicyclist on the Bicycle Laws & Safety–Revised Code of Washington State by WABikes.

Smart Cycling Tips

There are plenty of tips available to help you stay safe while you ride your bike, from riding on the correct side of the road to signaling a turn and obeying traffic lights. Use these bicycling tips to learn more about how to ride safely and perform maintenance on your bike.

Bicycle Safety - HELMETS


Wearing a helmet while you ride your bike can prevent injuries and lower the probability of head damage in accidents. Keep your head safe and check out WSDOT's web page for information on which jurisdictions require helmets and other safe riding tips. 

Riding in the Rain

Different weather changes riding conditions, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get around on your bike! Learn about visibility, road conditions, traffic, dressing for riding in comfort, and caring for your bike on the City of Portland's tips for biking in the wet, cold, and dark.


Whether new to cycling or a seasoned rider, consider taking a class to learn new skills. The Cascade Bicycle Club offers low-cost and free bicycling clinics and maintenance classes for recreational cyclists, event riders, commuters, novice cyclists, seniors, and youth. Visit their education page to sign up.

You can also check with your favorite local bike shop or REI to see if they offer riding or maintenance classes or workshops.