Bike Month Team Leaderboard

Team prize winners will be determined according to the Bike Everywhere Challenge Team Rules:

Bike Teams must consist of at least 4 members and no more than 12 members. To qualify for the team pizza party drawing, the team must have at least 4 members who logged at least 10 trips during May 1-31.

Pizza Party Winners

When we adjust the leaderboard to reflect the highest average number of bike trips logged by each qualifying team member, the results look like this:

  1. Cranky Cogs (43.5 bike trips per member)

  2. Tacomarama (33.1 bike trips per member)

  3. Chain Reactionaries (31.3 bike trips per member)

We will be reaching out to the winning team captains to arrange a date and location for one large celebration with all of their team members.

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Final Update (June 8, 2023):


Past updates:

For additional statistics on your team's trips, please contact us.