How does a vanpool work?

A vanpool is a group of 3 to 15 riders sharing a van ride that starts and ends at similar points. Each vanpool needs a volunteer driver, back-up driver and a bookkeeper. Vanpool participants don’t have to work at the same location, but being close in proximity can help ease the commute time and mileage.

The cost of the vanpool is split between the riders, and you benefit from the savings of not operating a daily commuter vehicle. Vanpool vans are owned, maintained, managed, insured and licensed by transit agencies. 

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1. How does a vanpool work?
2. How much does a vanpool cost?
3. Where does the vanpool ride start and end?
4. What happens if the vanpool breaks down?
5. What is the difference between a vanpool, a vanshare and a carpool?