What are some ways to earn more points?

For management to consider: 

  • Offer incentives for not driving to work. Examples include:

  • Preferred, free vanpool/carpool parking spots.

  • Discounted ORCA transit passes or subsidies.

  • Earned days off for staff who do not drive alone.

  • Secure, covered bike parking for staff.

  • On-site bike tune-ups and fix-it stations.

  • Parking rates, instead of a flat monthly rate.

  • Offer teleworking/compressed work weeks and flex schedules.

  • Fleet vehicles or bicycles for off-site meetings or errands.

  • Recognize top sustainable commuters.

For Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs) to consider:

  • Feel comfortable utilizing the Ride Together Pierce website and calendar to find resources and run reports.

  • Encourage staff to form carpools and vanpools by running zip code reports and reaching out to individuals.

  • Host Ride Together Pierce and/or inter-office campaigns to encourage sustainable modes of transportation.

  • Invite Ride Together Pierce to your Benefits Fair/Transportation Fair/staff meetings.

  • Promote existing benefits and facilities.

  • Provide employee recognition.

  • Maintain a Commuter Information Center and post fresh marketing materials.

  • Attend a network, or training session related to commute trip reduction.

  • Distribute and collect baseline/measurement Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program Employee Questionnaires (surveys) to achieve at least a 70% response rate.

If you would like assistance achieving certification, get in touch with Ride Together Pierce to brainstorm, create an action plan, or get trained!

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