Is the bus safe to ride?

Buses are actually one of the safest modes of transportation out there! According to studies, the fatality rate for car occupants is 23 times higher than that for bus occupants.That means that riding the bus is much safer than driving your own car.

When it comes to sharing the bus ride with others, should you ever feel unsafe you can call or text (if available) the transit agency's number and/or report to the driver. Though drivers are not there to intervene, they can call transit security. 

Speaking of bus drivers — did you know transit operators have great driving records and are well-trained? Some are even awarded for driving a million miles with any preventable accidents through the Million Mile Award! So don't worry — you're in good hands on the bus!

Here are some great resources on safety and security while riding Pierce Transit and Sound Transit buses.

Pierce Transit Bus Safety 

Sound Transit Safety 

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