How can I plan my trip using public transit?
  • Know your route: Figure out where you are starting from and where you want to go. 

  • Gather information: Pierce County has several transportation options including Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, and Intercity Transit, so we encourage you to check out which options are available in your area, their routes, schedules, and fare information.

  • Use a trip planning tool: Map out your journey using a trip planner. There are several out there on Pierce Transit and, of course, Google Maps, which will give you transit directions and information. Make sure to check the schedules to ensure you arrive on time! 

  • Purchase your bus pass: Once you have planned your trip, you can purchase your ticket or pass from a ticket vending machine located at the station or on the provider's website.

  • Riding your bike? Many bicycle riders use hybrid travel modes by riding their bike to a bus stop, storing their bike on the rack in front of the bus, and then hopping off to finish the ride to their destination. For those traveling to King County by train, you can store your bike at the transit center using a bike locker then board the train. 

By following these steps, you can plan a convenient and cost-effective trip using public transportation in Pierce County.

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