Are there secure areas available to store or lock up my bike?

Yes! Your options may be different depending on whether you’re storing your bike long-term, such as at home, or short-term, such as for the day or a few hours while you’re at work or shopping.

Ask your apartment or condo complex if they have a long-term bike storage garage or cage for residents to store their bike. You may also want to talk to your employer to see if they have a bike parking facility, garage or gated area available to store your bike while you are working.

Depending on your needs and availability, the following options can help you with short-term parking while you’re out and about:

  • Bike racks available outside of stores or public areas.

  • Secure Parking Areas (SPAs) are secured, covered parking available in three locations: Tacoma Dome Station, Pacific Plaza Parking Garage and Park Plaza Parking Garage. Visit the Pierce Transit website for additional information, or call customer service at 253-581-8000.

  • Bike lockers are secure, closed and protected from the elements. They are available through Pierce Transit to help you safely store your bike when you catch a bus. For more information, call customer service at 253-581-8000.

  • On-demand bike lockers and leased cages are also available at many of the Sound Transit stations for secure bike-keeping.

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