Do I need a special bike to commute?

You can choose ANY bike, as long as it fits your commuting needs. Here are some things to consider so you pick the best bike for your needs:

  • Riding surface - Is your ride mostly flat or are there hills? Will the surface be smooth or will it include rough roads or off-road terrain?

  • Distance and speed - How far will you go and how fast do you need to get there?

  • Bike weight - Will you have to pick up your bike to load it onto a bike rack or take it upstairs?

  • Weather - Will you be exposed to extreme weather?

This article from REI on How to Choose a Bike can help you identify a good bike fit based on your needs. If you want additional help picking out a bike that suits your budget and specific commuting needs, head over to a local bike shop and talk it out with a cycling expert.

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1. Do I need a special bike to commute?
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