Start walking your way around town!

One of the healthiest and cheapest ways to get to work is to use your feet or adaptive mobility aids (such as wheelchairs!). It is a perfect start to the day. You get some exercise that you might not have time for otherwise and arrive at work alert and ready to go.

Doctors recommend about 30 minutes of regular exercise each day.

That doesn't necessarily mean running on a treadmill or doing high-intensity exercises. It can mean walking a reasonable distance — just enough to be breathing a little heavier and feeling warm. Walking 30 minutes each day can help too:

  • Reduce the risk of heart attack
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Help to control weight

Walking also has the lowest environmental impact of all forms of transport. It produces no pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, community safety is enhanced when more people choose to get out of their cars — freeing up traffic congestion and increasing the amount of pedestrians on the streets.



You can save some cash by walking to work. Check out this calculator to see how much you save by entering in some details about your trip.



Tacoma-Pierce County Walking Guide

Use the Tacoma-Pierce County Walking Guide (PDF) to:

  • Learn how to start a walking program
  • Choose comfortable shoes
  • Explore a map of our local parks and trails
  • View details of additional routes

Check it out and learn about new trails and parks you may not have known much about before. You may even be able to incorporate some scenic trails into your normal commute route.

Walking in Washington

Explore the beauty of Washington state! Visit the Washington Department of Transportation website to find information on walking safety tips, pedestrian laws, and finding good walks and hikes in Washington.

Downtown Tacoma walking resources

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