Travel Modes

All the ways Pierce County keeps you moving

Let's identify what public transportation and travel mode options in Tacoma and surrounding areas are available to you. Many cities across Pierce County, from Gig Harbor to Downtown Tacoma to Lakewood, offer accessible transportation services every day of the week.


Learn how to ride a bus for work or play, plan your trips, make connections, and get access to free or reduced fares! You will be a confident bus-riding expert in no time.

Plus we answer your most pressing questions about getting around Pierce County by bus!

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Save money and give your health a boost when you pedal around the Puget Sound! Find bike lanes, maps, classes and other helpful biking resources for beginners to pros here.

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Traveling on foot is a great way to get your steps in while immersing yourself in the beautiful outdoors of Washington State’s unmatched nature scenery. Walking is also a beautiful way to learn about your community, meet neighbors, get exercise and start or end your day on a positive note!

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Share the ride with a friend or coworker and save on gas and mileage! Use our free ridesharing tool to find matches with other people who live and work near you.

Pro tip: Meet at a park & ride, usually located by a transit center near you, for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Want more ideas for starting a carpool in your area? Check out our carpool resources.

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Another budget-friendly way to commute car-free is to start or join a vanpool.

Rideshare Online helps you hook up with all regional vans operating in your area based on your work schedule and location.

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The right mode of transportation for you will depend on your personal preferences, budget and daily routine. Consider factors such as the distance and frequency of your trips, the availability and expense of parking, and the cost of transportation when making your decision.

Unsure which option is right for you? Go here to help you choose a commute trip or non-work trip that’s just right for you. 

Did you know your employer can help arrange and even pay for your commute to work through a transportation program? Check to see if your employer has one in place. If not, Ride Together Pierce can help your employer develop a customized transportation program offering plans for teleworking, bus services, Sound transit, biking, vanpooling, and/or carpooling. 

See the major benefits and incentives to starting an employer transportation program.

Shake up your routine

What is the rhythm of your day? For most of us it’s: wake up, work/school, come home, rinse and repeat. It’s nice to have pattern breaks that shake things up and reinvigorate our minds and bodies. Our monthly challenges do that and so much more.

Think Bike Month-style challenges that get you excited to try a new, sustainable mode of getting around town. Some of our most popular community challenges have been our biking and walking challenges! Plus, we give out awesome incentives where you have the opportunity to select your own prizes (Starbucks gift cards anyone?) and have even thrown a pizza party or two.

So, who are these challenges for? Everyone in Pierce County! Whether you live on Broadway in T-town, University Place, Sumner, or Steilacoom — all are welcome.

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