Employee Transportation Program

Commuting made easy — save money and time with a transportation program

Employee Transportation ProgramTransportation programs are free for you and your employer. We can partner with you and your employer to bring transportation services and resources to the workplace that make it easy for employees to find alternative commuting options and enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle.


  • What is a transportation program?
  • How does a transportation program work?
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Did you know that your employer can help make your commute easier and more sustainable? By offering transportation programs, your employer can save you money, free up parking lots, and reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

A transportation program can take many forms, depending on the company's and its employees' needs and resources.

Employee Transportation Program - What is a transportation program

Some common services include:

  • Offering public transit subsidies or transit passes
  • Offering a daily stipend for using sustainable transportation options
  • Providing bike storage and shower facilities
  • Arranging carpool or vanpool options
  • Allowing for teleworking or flexible work arrangements
  • Implementing an emergency ride home program for unexpected situations
  • Giving perks and incentives to employees who participate


We work with businesses across Pierce County to offer support to employees who want to take advantage of commute options, and provide employers with valuable tools to promote worksite transportation programs.

Here's how our transportation program works:

Employee Transportation Program - How does a transportation program work

  • Onboarding meeting: We meet with the business to discuss benefits and savings and develop transportation solutions that work best for all.
  • Research and survey: We provide your employer with easy-to-use online forms to survey you and other employees and identify which commute options make the most sense.
  • Create the program: Based on the needed employer transportation services, our team develops your transportation program that fits with your business goals.
  • Implement: We work in tandem with your appointed Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) to implement the program.
  • Marketing materials: We can provide you with marketing materials such as brochures, posters, emails, and schedules to distribute at your workplace.
  • Ongoing support: We can help you run transportation fairs for your employees, support the ETC and program participants with training and other services to ensure your transportation program runs smoothly.

Benefits for you

  • Make new friends and connections along the way.
  • Save money on gas, transportation costs and parking fees.
  • Reduce stress by avoiding traffic and parking issues.
  • Use your commute time more productively by reading, working or relaxing.
  • Feel good about reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a healthier environment.

Benefits for your employer

  • Attract and retain top talent by offering a valuable employee benefit.
  • Increase employee productivity and retention by reducing stress and improving work-life balance.
  • Build upon your reputation as a sustainable and socially responsible business.
  • Potentially save money by reducing parking, monthly lease and transportation-related costs.


Even if your workplace doesn't currently offer a transportation program, you can encourage them to start one. Share with them the benefits of implementing a program like the ones listed above.

Ride Together Pierce has worked with dozens of Pierce County businesses, big and small, on successfully building out their transportation programs. We’ve helped them with everything from workshops and training to organizing sustainable transportation fairs and have seen employees have fun with creating biking groups, vanpools, and other types of ridesharing.

We’d love to help you bring a transportation program into your workplace too! Let’s discuss next steps here.

Interested in becoming the ETC for your company? Learn more about the role and see if it’s the right fit.