Sounder Commuter Train

The one-stop-shop for all your train traveling needs

Sit back, relax, avoid driving in traffic and get to work stress free, and on time every day. Does this sound too good to be true? The Sounder Commuter Train runs from Lakewood to Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner, Auburn, Kent, Tukwila, Downtown Seattle and Everett. 

All aboard!


  • Why commuting by train is a great option
  • How to go by train
  • Accessing the train
  • Save with discounted train fares
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Save time

Ditch the traffic and keep your hands and mind free to do other things on your train commute. Want to read a book, scroll through social media or take a nap? You got it! Or catch up on emails, watch videos and browse the web? Enjoy free wireless internet access on train cars and in the tunnel and underground stations. Taking the train is one of the best ways to save time by maximizing your commute!

Sounder Commuter Train - Why commuting by train is a great option

Save money

Train riding also helps you save money. Fares range from $3.25 to $5.75 per trip and you save on gas, insurance, maintenance, oil changes, tolls and parking. Even if you have a personal car but use the train a few times a week, you reduce the number of miles put on your car over time and save on car maintenance costs long term. 

Calculate the cost of your commute and discover how much you could save each month by taking the train!

Save the environment

Contribute to lowering carbon emissions in Pierce County by taking the train. Data from the American Public Transportation Association suggests that the average two-car household could lower carbon emissions impact by 30% by eliminating one car and using public transportation. This also means you:

  • Reduce your gasoline use
  • Contribute to cleaner air
  • Contribute to healthier communities
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Reduce noise pollution from cars

Get on board the train and enjoy all the ways you can save!


Check out these resource pages to help you plan your train route, schedule, parking and more.

  • How to park - Find out everything you need to know about parking permits, regulations and Park-and-Ride lots that Sound Transit serves.
  • How to bring your bike - You can also ride your bike to the train and board with it. Learn more about riding your bike and connecting with Sound Transit.
  • How to pay - Learn about fare prices and how to pay to ride.
  • How to use your ORCA card on the Sounder - Fare payment is easy with an ORCA (One Regional Card for All) card. Be sure to tap at the beginning and end of every trip — Sound Transit Fare Ambassadors may issue warnings to riders who do not tap their ORCA card.
  • Find a schedule and plan your trip - In addition to the standard schedules, the Sounder also offers additional service to special events like Seahawks, Kraken, Mariners and Sounders FC games and the Races at Emerald Downs.
  • See if you qualify for a Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) - Apply online or visit any DSHS office in Pierce County to apply for a RRFP. 
  • How to ride the train - Learn how with this step-by-step First Time Sounder Guide.

Sounder extension Link light rail services

Sounder Commuter Train - HOW TO GO BY TRAIN

Work or live in Downtown Tacoma? Consider catching the Tacoma Link light rail downtown; it’s free until fall of 2023 and runs from the Tacoma Dome Station to 9th and Commerce every 12 to 24 minutes. More stops are in the works to make it even more convenient — check out the current extension progress here.

Headed up north? Leave your driving and parking woes behind and hop on the Seattle Link light rail that serves 19 stations between Angle Lake and Northgate.

Emergency Ride Home Program

Not sure what your options are if you have an emergency and need to leave work when the commuter train schedule is not available? If your employer partners with Pierce Transit and you ride the train to work, you may be eligible for a free taxi, Lyft or Uber ride home in case of an emergency. 

Visit Ride Together Pierce’s Emergency Ride Home page for more information or contact your Employee Transportation Coordinator.

Sound Transit system expansion

Learn more about the Sound Transit System Expansion projects in Pierce County including the Sounder extensions, station parking and access improvements and more by visiting the Sound Transit website and narrowing the projects list based on region.


Sound Transit is committed to making train riding fully accessible for all. Here are some of the ways Sounder trains are equipped for accessibility:

Sounder Commuter Train - ACCESSING THE TRAIN

  • Service animals are welcome on board at no cost
  • Elevators, escalators and stairs at stations with platforms above or below ground level
  • Ticket machines feature text-to-speech audio through headphones, large text and braille 
  • Auditory and visual announcements of upcoming stops and stations
  • Conductors and operators are available and trained to assist passengers who need help boarding and deboarding
  • Reserved priority seating for people with disabilities and seniors
  • Detectable warning strips at stations that indicate two-foot buffer zones between pedestrian areas and moving traffic
  • Handicapped accessible parking spaces in Sound Transit parking facilities

For more accessibility features, services and information here.


ORCA has reduced fare programs available to help make riding the Sounder train and other public transit services accessible and affordable for everyone. Check to see if you qualify for one of these discount programs: