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Share the ride and make new connectionsCarpool Resources - Share the ride and make new connections

Are you interested in carpooling but want more information? You may already know that carpooling is just as wallet-friendly as it is environment-friendly; by reducing single-occupancy vehicle use, costs can be split between HOV riders and it clears up traffic congestion, reducing overall carbon emissions. 

But you may be wondering about the logistics and how-tos of carpooling. This page will connect you to resources to get started on your carpooling journey in Pierce County. Learn the basics, benefits and etiquette of carpooling, connect to an existing carpool or start one of your own, and get started on your carpooling, cash-saving journey!


Learn the basics and benefits of carpooling:

  • First Time Carpooler Guide 
  • Carpooling Benefits

Learn best practices for participating in a carpool group and find convenient places to meet for your ride:


Connect to an existing carpool or start one of your own with these resources:


Carpool Resources - GO

Travel to work with a sustainable commute option like carpooling and get a free ride home in case of emergency:

Log eligible carpool trips and calculate your savings: