Bicycle Maps & Route Planning

Plan your next ride and connect to other riders

Did you know that Washington State has been ranked as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. over the last decade? That means that whether you are choosing cycling as recreation or your commute option, there’s a lot of space dedicated to keeping you safe on your ride. Plan your routes with trail maps and connect to bike buddies to make your ride more fun!


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Issues such as terrain, car traffic and bike facilities all influence the best routes to ride and different types of cyclists require different routes. There are a few options that can help you choose your route.

Bicycle Maps Routes - PLAN YOUR ROUTE

Pierce County bike map

Plan your bike route using the Pierce County Bike Map. This trail map also helps you prepare for what’s ahead with a legend that identifies paved and unpaved roads, designated bike lanes and bikeways, paved shared-use trails, where bicyclists are prohibited and more. Zoom in to take screenshots of your bike route, making it easy for you to follow along while you’re riding.

Pierce County bike trails

These popular bike trails are paved, mostly secluded from motorized traffic, and have beautiful sites to see along the way!

King County bike trails

Discover over 300 miles of bike trails in King County! Their interactive map lets you explore and connect routes for easy riding once you hop on your bike.

Thurston County bike trails

The Thurston Region bike map shows trails, bike lanes, wide shoulders, and routes commonly used by cyclists. Explore or plan your next ride using Ride Thurston County!

Tacoma Pierce County Health Department’s Walking Guide

With trail maps, highlights, and terrain and surface descriptions, the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department’s Walking Guide isn’t just for pedestrians. Check it out and learn about bike trails and county parks you may not be familiar with. You may even be able to incorporate some of them into your normal route.

Apps for route planning 

Google Maps, Komoot and Strava are great applications to help you plan your bike ride. You can enter your starting address and destination, select that you’re riding your bike and they give you the best biker-friendly route to travel (sometimes with multiple options!)


Talking to avid cyclists, day riders and bike commuters can help you discover new trails, tips and tricks for getting around on your bike. Talk to friends, neighbors and coworkers who cycle, or make connections at local bike shops. All of these people can help you find better routes and connect to social circles for cycling.


Find a bike buddy

If you’re looking for someone to ride with, try finding a Bike Buddy through, or starting one at your worksite. Post a "wanted" ad on your physical or virtual employee board, searching for a Bike Buddy. Be sure to describe your approximate starting location, start time, comfort level riding on streets, and your contact information.

Join a bicycle club

Bicycling has a huge social community and joining a club is a great way to find people to bike ride with, learn more about bikes and cycling, and encourage you to get moving more often. We love the Tacoma Washington Bicycle Club Facebook Group, Bike Gig Harbor ! Facebook Group, Arabica Bicycle Coalition Facebook Group, or you can find a group in your area or start your own at