Colin C.


Where do you work and what is your role in the company?

City of Gig Harbor, Maintenance Technician 

How far is your commute? How long does it take you each way? If you are teleworking, how long would your commute have been if you were commuting to the office?

11 miles, anywhere between 25 and 30 minutes 

What is your commute mode and what made you decide to commute this way?

I currently ride my electric bike and decided to start commuting this way to save money and stay mentally and physically healthy. 

What do you enjoy about your commute (or teleworking)?

I have always loved biking since i was a kid, I currently spend my weekends mountain biking all over Washington state. This sparked the interest in the electric bike commuting world. Not only does riding my electric bike save me money on gas and a toll on the Narrows Bridge but it is an absolutely beautiful ride. Crossing the bridge daily is amazing. Once I am on the Gig Harbor side, I ride the Cushman Trail all the way to work which is an awesome well-maintained trail. 

Riding my bike for my commute is good for my mental and physical health while reducing my carbon footprint.

Do you have any interesting stories from your commute?

Just last week I saw a grey whale south of the Narrows Bridge on the Gig Harbor side. 

Do you think you save money by commuting this way?

Yes, I save on tolls and gas daily. 

How does your company help accommodate your commute option? (ex: bike racks, free bus pass, vanpool subsidy, flexible work hours, telework incentives, etc.)

My company allows me to charge my bike at the Shop. This allows me to head home with a full battery ensuring a fast route home. 

Is there anything your company could do better to accommodate your commute option?

They could pay for the employees tolls who have to cross the bridge. They could also give incentives to those who are trying to commute in healthier ways. Maybe give opportunities to win bikes, or money for tolls, or biking gear? 

What would you say to your fellow employees to inspire them to try using a commute option other than driving alone in their car?

I would say that there are so many better options. More people could carpool, ride electric bikes or manual pedal bikes, walk, or invest in electric vehicles.