Your Work, Your Way: Telework and Compressed Work Week

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This February 1 - 29, "Your Work, Your Way" encourages people to replace drive-alone trips by teleworking or working a compressed work week.

What counts as teleworking? Work from home or a satellite location less than 50% of your normal trip into the office. Examples of satellite locations include office hoteling spaces, shared offices spaces, libraries, and coffee shops.

Check out our telework resources to decide if teleworking suits you, your position and how your employer can support you. 

What counts as compressed work weeks (CWW)? A compressed work week gives you the benefit of an extra day off by allowing you to work your usual number of hours in fewer days per pay period. Work four 10-hour days each week and then enjoy a three-day weekend or work 80 hours in nine days with an extra day off every other week.

Check out our CWW resources to decide if a compressed work schedule suits you, your position and how your employer can support you. 


To be eligible for prizes, you must log at least 5 telework days or work a compressed work schedule resulting in at least two additional days off using the trip calendar by Thursday, March 7. 

First-time trip loggers will need to create an account on the trip tracking calendar.

Prize drawing for logging 5 telework days or 2 compressed days off:

  • $50 gift cards (3)
  • $20 gift cards (5)
  • $10 gift cards (25)

Begin logging your trips on the trip calendar today!

Week 3 - 2024 TW-CWW Goal TrackerReach new goals!

This year, we are adding a goal to reach 7,000 telework days and 600 compressed days off logged this February. That would eliminate 15,200 trips to the workplace across Pierce County! Follow us on social media or visit this webpage to see weekly progress updates.

Goal Tracker Update:

Tuesday, February 20: Amazing progress has been made over the last week for the "Your Work, Your Way" campaign. Pierce Country "commuters" have logged over 4200 telework days and over 520 compressed days off! We are very close to hitting our goals!! Congratulations to everyone who logged a telework and/or compressed work day off so far. Don't forget to log your trips by the end of March 7 to enter the $50, $20 and $10 prize drawings. 💸

Keep it going and log your "trips" on the trip calendar today!

Additional Ways to Win 

Do you cuddle up with your fido friend while teleworking, or go on hikes on your days off? Share what you enjoy due to your telework or compressed work week arrangement on social media and tag #YourWorkYourWay and @RideTogetherPierce to enter our prize drawing!

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