Best Commuter Business

Employer leadership program for sustainable transportation

Best Commuter Business (BCB) is a leadership program for Pierce County employers who encourage their employees to use sustainable transportation options. 

Sustainable transportation options include all non-drive alone trips, featuring:

  • Walking.
  • Riding a bike.
  • Taking the bus, light rail, ferry (on bike/foot), or train.
  • Riding in a vanpool/carpool.
  • Teleworking and working a compressed work week.

Every year, Ride Together Pierce certifies employers that offer outstanding commuter programs as a "Best Commuter Business." This free program aims to highlight leading businesses committed to sustainability, promote the health of our communities, and foster economic vitality.

Best Commuter Business Introduction Kit:



Offering employees resources and benefits for choosing sustainable transportation is a great way to stand out as an employer. Here are some of the ways participating in commuter programs helps employers:

  • Offering different ways for employees to get to work is a great way to attract and retain top talent, reduce employee parking demand, and demonstrate environmental responsibility.
  • Providing strong commute programs is a benefit that businesses can use as a recruiting tool. Offering commute options often expands labor pools and reduces turnover as not everyone owns or relies on a car to commute.
  • Reducing demand for parking can lower your business’ costs for developing and maintaining parking or allow you to increase visitor parking.
  • Promoting commute options programs that promote transportation equity, help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, aid the local economy, and benefit employees.

Employers providing commute programs may be eligible for Business and Occupation tax breaks.

Best Commuter Businesses - BENEFITS FOR EMPLOYERS

The next round of certified businesses will be announced in February 2024. There are three levels of certifications, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

  • Employers certified as a “Best Commuter Business” will hold the title, and bragging rights, for the year they are announced
  • Certified employers will receive marketing materials to promote their BCB certification virtually (website text, banners, social media posts, etc.) and in-person (award, window decal, etc.)
  • Certified employers can promote their certification to retain and recruit talent.
  • Certified employers will be advertised in local news publications, on, Facebook and Twitter.


An employee’s commute can really affect the way they work. Driving long commutes or in congestion can cause employees to arrive stressed, instead of ready for the day ahead. Taking transit, walking, biking, carpooling, or taking any other sustainable commute method, including teleworking and compressed work weeks, can reduce stress.

Best Commuter Businesses - ENEFITS FOR EMPLOYEES

Also, sustainable commute options contribute to an employee’s health — especially walking and biking. This results in happier employees who are more likely to enjoy their employment and brag to others about the wonderful place they work.


Check out last year’s winners of the Best Commuter Business program, recognizing those businesses who promoted a sustainable transportation program with their employees.